Monday, February 16, 2009

Peru trip

I know I said I would update on how I am doing last time I posted and I plan to do so soon, but I wanted to take a break from talking about IF and m/c to talk about John's trip to Peru and ask for your prayers for him and the people he will be serving. The trip is with an organization called Healing Peru founded by one of the doctors John works with. The team is made up of about 6 physicians, one other nurse besides John, and a medical technician, along with a few spouses. They left Friday to travel to Miami where the team caught a flight to Lima on Saturday. Sunday they flew to Cusco and then traveled to Andahuaylillas by bus. There are no cell phones, but John was able to get to a computer and email me to let me know he arrived safely. Andahuaylillas is a small village in the Andean mountains about 1 hour southeast of Cusco. It is best known for being the site of the "Sistine Chapel of America". It is a very poor area with very little, if any, access to health care. The plan is to set up a medical clinic to serve the local people of Andahuaylillas as well as several of the surrounding villages. They will be dealing with diseases that we who live in this country are fortunate enough not to ever face. Today they focused on setting up the clinic and tomorrow they will begin seeing patients. John said in his email that they are expecting 150-200 people everyday. The clinic will run until next Tuesday. Next Wednesday and Thursday they will get some R&R in Cusco and then take the train to see Machu Picchu. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (March 1st) will be travel days. Of course I miss John terribly, but I am so excited for the work he is getting to be a part of. If you would, please keep John, the Healing Peru team, and the people of these mountainous villages in your prayers. Please pray for their health and safety. Pray also for God's provision to meet the needs of the people and for His blessing upon the work they are doing in Peru. Lastly, please pray that they would have the opportunity to share Christ with the people of Peru and for hearts that respond.


Stacey said...

That is amazing, Becky. What wonderful work your hubby and his team are doing. I'll pray for them!
Praying for you too while he's away.

Anonymous said...

This is Marlise S. I was wondering if you might want to get together while the guys are gone? I know that you are hurting right. I can't offer much but maybe friendship. I know that I have 4 kids if that would be to hard I COMPLETELY understand. Let me know I would love to just hang out. my email is

I Believe in Miracles said...

That sounds like an awesome opportunity! Will definitely be praying.