Adoption Timelines

Jonah's Adoption Timeline:

December 2011: Start thinking about starting the process again and casually mention to our social worker during a post-placement visit that we are interested in starting the process again "next year"

12/28/2011: Received the most unexpected phone call from our adoption agency. Were we serious about wanting to start the process again, she wanted to know. Yes! Well, she says, "I have a little boy here and no family that is paperwork ready except you guys."

1/1/2012: Decide to proceed - Referral!!!!! We see a picture of Jonah RiYoon for the first time

1/14/2012: Mailed off our referral acceptance paperwork

1/18/2012: ATK (acceptance to Korea), meaning our acceptance paperwork was sent to Korea on this day

3/8/2012: I600A application received by USCIS

4/12/2012: Legals received

4/16/2012: Fingerprint appointments for John and I

4/19/2012: I600A approval!

4/16/2012: I600 application received by USCIS

5/1/2012: I600 approval!!! This is the last step on the U.S. side, now we just wait to be submitted for EP (emigration permission) from the Korean government

5/12/2012: NVC in/out

5/20/2013: Submitted for EP

6/25/2013: EP approved

6/27/2013: Submitted to Family Court

7/11/2013: Notified of Court Date

8/28/2013: Court Date



TC???? - the one we are waiting for!! Hoping for February of 2013, Jonah will be 19 months old.

Adoption Finalized???

Joshua's Adoption Timeline:

May 2009: Second IVF cycle is negative; we thought more about adoption during this cycle than the cycle itself; we know we are ready to move forward with adoption

7/16/2009: Attend information meeting about domestic infant adoption with Bethany Christian Services 

9/9/2009: Hear about about a little girl in S. Korea whose mother, a North Korean, is considering placing her for adoption

9/26/2009: Hear nothing more about the above situation and decide to begin the process with Bethany Christian Services and submit formal application

10/3/2009: The Lord completely changes our course, which I wrote about here. We are going to adopt from S. Korea

10/28/2012: First meeting and screening interview with Children's Home Society & Family Services

12/4/2009: Adoption Application Turned in

12/11/2009: Pre-adoption education class

2/2/2010: Final clearance from the state of MD arrives and we can now start our home study

3/3/2010: Joint Interview

3/10/2010: Home visit and individual interviews, Home Study approved!!!

3/11/2010: The door on adopting the little girl officially closes

3/26/2010: Home study finalized and officially waiting

4/26/2010: Find out our wait to travel after referral has doubled to 11 months

6/22/2010: I600A application received by USCIS

7/21/2010: John's 1st fingerprint appointment (ended up being rejected)

7/23/2010: My 1st fingerprint appointment

8/30/2010: John's 2nd fingerprint appointment

8/30/2010: Referral!!!!! We have a son born 4/23/2010

8/31/2010: My 2nd fingerprint appointment.

9/1/2010: I600A approval received

9/17/2010: Missing lab results finally received and we can verbally accept the referral

10/5/2010: ATK (acceptance to Korea) Referral acceptance paperwork sent to Korea

11/5/2010: I600 application received by USCIS

12/3/2010: I600 Approval received

3/7/2011: Home Study update completed

4/28/2011: Class B waiver request sent

5/12/2011: Submitted for EP!!!!!!

7/18/2011: Sent off adoption application to re-do our home study for the state of AZ

7/28/2011: Joint interview for home study

8/1/2011: Home visit and individual interviews

8/11/2011: EP Approval!!!!

8/16/2011: AZ home study certified by the court

8/23/2011: Visa interview, embassy appearance was probably the day before, but I didn't call DC

8/24/2011: Travel call!!!!

8/29/2011: Leave for Korea

8/31/2011: 1st meeting with Joshua (August 30th here in the U.S, exactly one year from the day we first saw his face)

9/2/2011: Family Day - in our arms forever!!!

9/3/2011: Back in the U.S. to start our lives as a family of three

5/21/2012: Adoption Finalized

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