Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall Fun

These were taken last week before Joshua got sick (he is recovering well now). Joshua got into the cabinet where I had these leaves stored and so I decided why not let him have a little fun. He loved it when I threw the leaves up in the air and let them come down on top of him. We have to make our own "fall" here in AZ.

 We were about to go out for a walk when he found the leaves (I think he is about to sign "more").

I know this one is pretty dark, but I just love the look on his face.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last of the October Pictures

Anyone else having trouble uploading pictures to blogger lately? It is taking several tries and much longer than usual. Anyway, here are the last of our October pictures of the little man.

 PJs were a gift from Christy - thank you!

 His current favorite toy - Scout, especially the song "Me and my friend Joshua," he points to himself every time Scout says or sings Joshua, a gift from Ms. Brenda - thank you!

 Another favorite toy this month - the truck that as John says "poops balls" - nice. A gift from my sister Chrissy and her family, thank you!

Joshua's cousin Jake picked out this shirt - thank you Jake, we love it!

 One of the first cooler days we had - I couldn't resist trying out this outfit

Joshua is not much of a fan of hats; Annie, "Geez, can we go on a walk already?!"

Second time on a swing (1st time was shortly after he came home), first time actually thinking it is sorta fun

Another recent introduction - slides! Joshua loves them. Unfortunately, he can't yet get himself up the slide and mommy is only good for about 5-10 times of lifting 30 pounds up and down. Seriously, one of my arms is going numb every night in my sleep and I can't feel how hot the bath is with that arm any more. :-) But life is good. I feel like we are coming out of survival mode and really settling into a routine.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween 2011

Running behind as usual, but such is life these days. I am not much of a Halloween person anyways and with Joshua being so newly home, I wasn't sure whether we would do anything at all. At the last minute (as in the afternoon of the 31st), I found a simple (and cheap) puppy dog costume at Target and decided we would at least dress Joshua up, take a few pictures, and stop by a few of our neighbors' houses. I dressed him in khakis and a white t-shirt and then fed him dinner. After dinner, all we had to do was slip the costume on and plop on a little brown eye liner for his nose. We were back in time for him to take a bath and be in bed at his usual time. I just didn't want to disrupt his routine at this point and seeing too many people would have caused him a lot of anxiety. So here is the cutest little puppy dog (at least I think so):

And here's what Joshua really thought about his costume, notice he was not wearing the hood part in the pictures above:

And 3 days later:

Oh sure, now he likes it - mommy lesson #100 (don't ask me what 1-99 were, but I'm sure there's at least that many so far), introduce Halloween costume early so as to increase the chances of your little one actually wearing and liking it!