Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Checking in (and some possible adoption news - unfortunately not the good kind)

I am still here. We moved into our house last Thursday and so I was without an internet connection until late Monday night after our household goods were delivered.

All our stuff made it to AZ! Our dining room table has a split in the top of it (barely noticeable), but other than that we had no lost or damaged items. In my book, that is a successful military move!

I am in the midst of unpacking and getting everything set up. John put Joshua's crib together last night :-) I actually have fun setting up and decorating a house, so I am enjoying myself.

I read some potentially devastating news today on the adoption forum. Dillon, who is also partnered with ESWS in Korea, had said that the Ministry has announced that there will be no more EPs issued until July. We have already been waiting 6 weeks for approval. We may now be waiting another month for EP approval, which means we will not travel until at least August and maybe even September. However, there has been no news about this from our agency. I am really hoping it is just a misunderstanding of some sort. I won't believe it until I hear confirmation of it from our agency. I am in shock over the news. I really don't even know what to say about it.

I guess I will just get back to unpacking and hope for the best.


Deni said...

Praying that your travel is not further delayed! Glad you're settling in well and enjoying the unpacking! I love the 'organizing' part myself! Though I hate to move!

thewonderfulhappens said...

Happy to hear that you are settling in. It IS fun to get a new house ready, isn't it? I know it is so hard to read news like that and just not know, but unfortunately, that is part of adoption. Praying you will be on a plane very soon!

Jessica J said...

Hoping you hear good news soon!!! I read about the possible EP hold up too but, really hope things start moving again soon!

Melanie said...

We're with Dillon, and we got an EP update this week, but it said nothing about that. It just said 3 more Dillon families had received EP. I hadn't heard anything about an increased wait. (We're near the back of the line for EP though; our paperwork just went to Korea in April.)

Grace said...

Hi, I somehow found your blog! We are waiting on our EP from korea too; our paperwork was sent 5/20.
Our agency hasn't said anything about the slow-down, but I've read all about it on the holt forums. Our agency told us we'd get approval in July.
I'm going to continue to follow your blog since we're in the same place! If you want to check ours out, its:

Anonymous said...

Hello, My Agency did call me last night and tell us that it is true indeed regarding the delay in EP's, but my Agency did say that Government will resume with EP filings and approval's in July, Either way, your little guy will be home soon! We too are expecting our son in July or August...Yeah..We are almost there :) Take Care, Kerry

Christy said...

Prayers. So sorry to hear that there's difficult news. I'm hoping that it isn't the case and things work out so you can travel in July! Hugs!
So glad you're getting settled. Can't wait to see your new place! It can be fun getting the house just the way you want it. I want you to know that I'm thinking of you and can't wait to see you. :) Take care.

Niki said...

I am praying your little boy will be in your arms sooner than later, but above all else, in God's perfect timing.