Thursday, January 5, 2012

Countdown to Grandma!

Joshua will be meeting his Grandma (my mom) in just 3 hours! This is his first visit from a grandparent and also the first visit from my side of the family. I am so excited!

Of course, as usual I am lagging behind in posting Christmas pictures and an end of the year post. John was off for 10 days, so I didn't have much time for blogging with celebrating Christmas and then spending time together to take advantage of John's time off. We also worked on getting our Christmas card and letter out to family and friends during that time. Thankfully, we got all our addresses entered into a word document, so it should be much easier next year.

Anyway, we had a great Christmas, though Joshua is still too young to really get it. By the end, he really didn't want to open any more presents. I think Christmas is going to be a lot of fun next year when he is two and a half and can understand a bit more. Also, I realized John and I have totally different styles when it comes to opening presents. I want to take it slow, open one present, let Joshua play with it until he is tired of it, and then move on to the next present. John wants to move things along and open all the presents really quickly. Hopefully, we can find a good compromise that keeps us both happy next Christmas. :-)

Well, a little somebody is waking up from his nap so I had better go.


Christy said...

Yay! So exciting! Have a great time together! :)

The Sherrill Family said...

Yeah for extended family time!!

I'm sure Joshua will have his own techniques next year that might be different from each of you! Hee hee hee.