Sunday, December 19, 2010

Update on Joshua

We finally received an update on Joshua this past week (December 14)!!! I was going to wait until we received the pictures to post about it, but I know many people have been praying about this for us, so I didn't want to delay any further. The pictures are being sent via DHL so we should hopefully have them soon. The info we received is from his 7 month checkup, however because Joshua was born at 30 weeks, 2 days, his adjusted age is closer to 5 months old. Developmentally, he appears to be much closer to a 5 month old.

At 7 months old,
  • Joshua weighs 18.7 pounds (8.5 kg) and is 24.4 inches (62 cm) long. His weight puts him at almost the 50th percentile. While he is growing steadily, his height isn't even on the 3 percentile curve for Korean boys (we found a chart for Korean boys from the International Adoption Clinic at University of Minnesota). So I would say we have one chubby baby!
  • Joshua eats 180 cc every 3 hours and spits up a little (they actually have a box to be checked for spits up "a little" or spits up "a lot"); he is not yet eating solid food
  • Perhaps this is TMI, but for toilet Joshua is moderate (not sure what this means, the choices on the form were good, moderate, and loose)
  • He gets one bath a day, which he likes
  • Joshua takes naps twice a day. Some of you may remember this post where I mentioned that sleep and nap times may be irregular if at all. I remember she also said that even if the update states that he takes naps, it could only be for 15 minutes.
Developmentally, Joshua is doing the following:
  • He rolls over
  • He turns to his own name (Joon Seo)
  • He babbles double consonants "umma"

The boxes for "reaches out and grasps objects and brings to mouth," "transfers objects from hand to hand," "sits momentarily leaning on hands," "displays stranger anxiety," and "creeps or tries" were not checked off. And just like any mom, I am worrying wondering what this means and if he is doing okay.

Well this is what we know about our boy for now. I will post the pictures as soon as we get them.

Thank you for your prayers!


Courtney said...

So sweet to get an update! Sounds like he is right on track for his adjusted age. I think Henry was closer to six months before he was sitting. And he definitely didn't try to start "creeping" until the end of 7 months/early 8. If I remember correctly, stranger anxiety kicked in around 9 months. Just giving you those details so you won't worry too much about your sweet boy.

Lisa said...

Yay Becky!! I'm so glad you got the update! What a great Christmas present! Even I can't wait to see the pictures so I know you really can't wait. :) Hopefully they'll get here soon!

Kala said...

What a great Chrismas present to have. I can't wait to see pictures! Don't worry to to much about it. We had all different misspellings in ours. I think they do them in a hurry. Merry Christmas Mama!

Waiting4Him said...

Just saw this as I was catching up! Yea!