Friday, April 22, 2011

Joshua is One!

It is officially April 23rd in S.Korea, which means our little guy is now one year old.

Happy Birthday Joshua JoonSeo!

We love you so much and can't wait to have you in our arms. We hope you have a wonderful celebration at your dol! We can't wait to see pictures of you in your hanbok. 


Lisa said...

I know today has to be bittersweet for, John and Joshua are in my prayers...especially today.

Happy birthday Joshua!!!

Rachel said...

I was going to use the same word as Lisa - bittersweet. You will have so many birthdays to celebrate with your sweet boy, but it is very difficult to miss this special day. Praying it is not too difficult and that you hear good news soon!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Joshua!!
I will be praying for you as I know that it is hard not having him here! Heres to another milestone reached in your time of more step closer!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday Joshua! Praying for you and your Mommy and Daddy! Can't wait to meet you!!! :) I'm sure your Tol will be amazing, can't wait to see pictures!!!

Grace said...

happy birthday to joshua!!!
this milestone was so hard for us, but it *is* one day closer to your boy being home and one more milestone that had to pass before he's in your arms.
praying for you!

Flakymn said...

Happy Birthday Joshua -- the last birthday you celebrate before you come home forever!!!