Friday, April 29, 2011

Shower #2

My baby shower with my family in Florida was this past Saturday, which was also Joshua's first birthday. I had a wonderful time. What I loved most was that it wasn't just a shower, but a celebration of Joshua. My mom, stepmom, and sisters did the most amazing job!

The decorations were red and blue, inspired by the S. Korean flag. And of course Joshua was prominently featured.

The favors had red or blue tea light candles with Joshua's birth date and a tin on top that had his picture, which was filled with red and blue M&M's.

"Joshua" confetti!

Scrapbook table - we ended up making a bunch of pages after the shower was over. One of my sisters bought me a beautiful scrapbook for the pages we made.

Another one of my sisters really researched Dol traditions and so she set up the Toljabee as decorations on the table. Unbeknownst to her, one of the items she selected has a very special meaning to us based on the information we were given about Joshua's birthmother.

The food was delicious! There are no Korean restaurants where my parents live, so the menu was a fusion of Asian cuisine. Since I love sushi, that worked for me!!! And no, you don't get to keep the boat. My future sister-in-law asked :-)

After we ate, we played a few games. The one below is called "Baby Love Around the World." You have to match "I love you" with the correct language. I didn't win. But I did get the Korean one right ;-)

After the games, it was time to open gifts. I was overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone. Since I traveled to Florida, the big items were shipped straight to my house and I got to open a card or box with a picture of the item. Here are a few of the other items we received:

The last gift was from my mom and sisters - a total surprise, especially since it was in a "happy birthday" bag.

A gold ring, a traditional Korean 1st birthday gift (the pictures not so great because I was about to cry):

It meant so much to me that my family took the time to learn about Korean traditions and incorporate them into our celebration. I can't wait to be able to tell Joshua about this in the future.

And lastly, the cake (it says God Bless Joshua):

I feel so amazingly blessed!!!


Tomi said...

What an amazing shower! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. How special that they incorporated so much Korean culture into this special event. What a beautiful gift to you and your son.

Christy said...

Wow! How amazing! So sweet how they celebrated and did so much research. Very supportive family and friends! :)

I will be thinking about you this weekend. Wish Brian wasn't going to be gone pretty much all weekend, but can't wait to hear all about it. Let me know when you're free to get together again. Talk to you soon!

Grace said...

awww, you are just beaming, becky! what a sweet, sweet shower! can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Flakymn said...


Oh man. I am crying. What amazing family you have to put so much effort into you shower.

A few notes: I think the Scrapbook idea is AWESOME!!! I am so going to use that. What a fantastic idea.

GOODNIGHT MOON became one of my favorite books after originally thinking it was strage.

Counting down the days with you (since our days are probably about equal now!!!!!)

Kala said...

Everything looks fantastic! And I still think that picture of Joshua is so A-DORABLE!

Deni said...

I know all of goodnight moon by heart, and Cala got it too! I'm so excited for you and LOVE the thoughtfulness put in by your family, what a blessing!!! Looks so fun and wonderful! Continued prayers and happy birthday to your baby!

Kortney said...

Your shower looks beautiful and I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!

Niki said...

I'm crying too. What a wonderful shower. I'm so glad you have family and friends around you to celebrate this with you in such a special way!!