Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall Fun

These were taken last week before Joshua got sick (he is recovering well now). Joshua got into the cabinet where I had these leaves stored and so I decided why not let him have a little fun. He loved it when I threw the leaves up in the air and let them come down on top of him. We have to make our own "fall" here in AZ.

 We were about to go out for a walk when he found the leaves (I think he is about to sign "more").

I know this one is pretty dark, but I just love the look on his face.


Amy said...

Becky, he is so adorable!!! I love his smile! I'm sure this Thanksgiving is going to be so super special for you!

Joanna said...

He looks like such a happy baby!!!

Hannah said...

I love all your photos! It was so great to catch up on your blog. Joshua is adorable and it looks like he's having such fun! What a blessing these boys are. Take care!