Wednesday, December 7, 2011

November Recap

I don't know how those of you who blog every day manage to do it. If I even try to get on the laptop while Joshua is playing he will immediately come up to me and try to push all the keys on the keyboard - it just doesn't work. During his nap is when I eat lunch (if I haven't eaten with him), shower, and often just recharge. I end up reading other peoples blogs for some downtime, but completely neglect my own. Anyway, I really want to do better! The month of November was such a busy month and just flew by for us. Since this is basically my place to chronicle our lives (and for now Joshua's baby book), I want to do a recap of our month.

In November we:

-Celebrated 8 wonderful years of marriage and our very first anniversary as parents. Since getting a babysitter is not an option at this point, we celebrated by having dinner out as a family.

-Celebrated 2 months as a family of three. I really could feel how much we were settling in as a family once we passed this milestone.

-Had a family outing by taking a hike/walk through Sabino Canyon and I discovered something to like about Tucson. :-) Up until this point, it had been too hot to really enjoy doing anything outside.


-Had a couple of playdates, our  first with Titus and the third one with Noah. Noah's mom Michelle works with John and has become a good friend to me - truly a blessing because it has been very lonely here.

-Discovered that riding in a laundry basket is lots of fun...

...and decided that Scout was our best friend.

-Celebrated daddy being home on Veteran's Day by having another family outing, this time to the Desert Museum in Tucson, and we attempted to get a family photo. It is part garden, part museum, and part zoo, and definitely a place we'd go back to.

 My eyes are closed and Joshua is looking away (sigh).

A javalina - we actually had one of these come to our front door and eat our pumpkin at Halloween.

-Took care of Michelle's dog Georgia. This picture cracks me up.

-Went to our 1st kid birthday party. Joshua played on the slide with daddy and enjoyed a rare sight here in AZ - grass! We also got to meet another family with a son from Korea.

-Fell in love with High Five with Julius and Friends and high fives in general. Here he is high fiving the pages.

-Became a little comedian. Joshua has started to do things just to make us (and himself) laugh.

-Had some fall fun.

-Got sick for the first time since coming home and gave mommy a very big scare. When our pediatric nurse practitioner sent us for the chest x-ray, she told us to make sure we got a CD of it. That's when I knew how serious it was; she thought she was going to be sending us to the hospital, which is why we would need the CD.

-And as a result of the sickness, we got a new friend, Roscoe, the nebulizer dog.

 My poor little bub :-(

-Looked cute in camo, ate some Korean snacks, and tried to turn on some music.

-Celebrated my 37th birthday - yikes! Since Joshua was still recovering we celebrated with delicious take-out tamales and birthday cake.

He likes to share his snacks with me, and apparently his cake.

-Celebrated turning 19 months old by having lots of fun in the kitchen.

-Celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family of three, giving thanks to God for blessing us with such an amazing little boy. And we got a family photo, not thrilled with it, but its an improvement over our past attempts.

-Took a much needed after Thanksgiving day long hike to the top of the paved trail at Sabino Canyon.

-Put up our Christmas tree over Thanksgiving weekend.

-Had some fun with oatmeal. I had heard about sensory boxes using oatmeal and wanted to give it a trial run before investing the money into a plastic bin, large amount of oatmeal, and other supplies. He was so engrossed in it I really couldn't get a good picture.

Overall, a pretty great month. I felt like things began to click for us a bit more as far as settling in together as a family of three.


Deni said...

His sweet round face is so precious! I love his expressions! I also have those bibs and love them! I'm so glad things seem to be settling in well for your adorable family! We had a photographer friend come do pics and lets just say its hard with little ones!!!

Amy said...

Becky, it looks like all is going so well for you! I love Joshua's facial expressions! He is such a happy smiley little guy! My favorite pics were of the spoons in his mouth...what a little ham!! It made me tear up a bit seeing him "help" decorate the tree...what a special Christmas this will be for you three!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

becky, the pic of john w/ kid and dogs looks crazy like my house!!!!