Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Fun

Joshua loves to play with things around the house. He seems to have more fun with "toys" that aren't really toys. Here is some of his Christmas fun.

Moving the Christmas tree candles from the table to the chair is lots of fun!

When John was growing up, his parents collected Hallmark ornaments for each child, several of which are the lights and sounds ones. Those particular ones are a bit much for me, so if I put them on the tree I don't plug them into the light strand. This year I decided not to put them on the tree at all and just let Joshua have some fun up close with the ornaments. Plus that way the rest of the tree doesn't get destroyed. :-)

I never did this as a child, so I definitely wanted Joshua to have the experience.

We are enjoying our first Christmas together so much, though I don't think Joshua understands much about it yet. My heart is still very much with those of you who are waiting on your little ones to come home. I have been praying for you guys often. Remember it is okay to be sad. And remember next Christmas is going to look very different for you all!


Christy said...

So sweet! It's amazing how more of his personality is coming out in pictures now too. :) See you soon! We'll have to make plans.

Amy said...

Thank you Becky!! It is so nice to see Joshua with all the fun associated with new things at Christmas. It makes me extra excited for our Christmas next year!!