Thursday, July 11, 2013

We Have a Court Date!!!!!

We finally have a court date for Jonah. After EP approval, our paperwork was submitted immediately to the court. It only took them two weeks to assign us a court date. It is much further away than we had hoped, but at this point we are just happy to be moving forward.

We go to court on August 28th!!! That means we will fly to Korea some time the week prior because we need to be there 4-5 business days ahead of our court date to meet Jonah and give the Korean agency time to file some paperwork with the court.

We are finally going to get to meet our son!!!!!!

 By the time we meet him, we will have waited 19 months from the time that our acceptance paperwork was sent to Korea. Since both John and I need to appear in court, all three of us will travel to Korea for the first trip. Then we will all come home and I will go back 3-5 weeks later to bring Jonah home.

We applied for Joshua's passport a little later than we should have, though with enough time given the projected processing times. We were waiting because we were hoping to receive his certificate of citizenship in time to send it in with the application. We are still waiting on it, so in June we realized we needed to go ahead and apply for the passport without it since it is not technically required (just makes it easier). Please pray we quickly receive Joshua's passport with no delays.

Also, please be praying that God prepares all of our hearts for Jonah and his heart for us. Jonah will have lived with his foster family for two years by the time we get to bring him home. Pray also that Joshua's heart is ready to be in Korea again and visit his foster family.


Meg said...

I am honored to approach the throne of God on your behalf. I'm so happy for you that you're seeing the days become shorter until you scoop him up in your arms!

Liz A. said...

Praying Becky!

Sarah said...

We received our son's passport in less than 2 weeks and applied without a COC.

Anonymous said...

So happy you have a court date! We waited 18 months last year for E.B. and she was almost 2 when she arrived home. It is very different bringing home an almost 2 year old and we have found it different in a good way as C was 13 months when he arrived home. God bless you and prepare your way to Korea and back and Korea and back home again!

The Woodfords said...

So excited for you!! Looking forward to seeing pics of you meeting your sweet son for the first time!!

Love in Him,

Hasan said...

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