Monday, January 24, 2011

Prayer Request

We just got back last night from a quick weekend trip to Florida (Melbourne, not Eglin) to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday. My brother and his fiance, and John and I got in late Friday night and surprised him. I had an such amazing time! It was one of the best trips to see my family I have ever had.

It didn't give much of an opportunity for rest this weekend, but it was totally worth it.

I have 2 prayer requests and would greatly appreciate your prayers:

First, could you please pray for my friend Wendi? After many years of infertility, she is pregnant with her third child, and just had an emergency appendectomy in Turkey. I can't imagine how scary this must be for her. Mom and baby are reportedly doing well after the surgery.

Secondly, the Air Force FNP potential assignment list just came out. As I mentioned in a previous post, we are due to move at the end of May, possibly the end of June, to John's next assignment with the Air Force. Our adoption agency got permission from Eastern for our move after explaining to them that military families have no choice about moving. However, this was before the extended wait until travel happened. Prior to this, we were supposed to be traveling to Korea before our move, and now it may not happen until after. It just adds further complication to the process and I am just not sure how it is all going to go in terms of timing, which creates some anxiety in me. We may have to do a completely new home study for the new state - I think this is the part that worries me most in terms of the timing.

We need to rank order the 13 potential assignments on the list. To my family, none of them are in Florida :-(

I'll give a few hints. Based solely on the number of bases on the list that are in Texas, we have a good chance of ending up there. However, both of the Arizona bases that we had been thinking about are also on the list. None of the other places on our dream sheet are on the list.

I would greatly appreciate your prayers for wisdom for John and I as we make our choices and for favor with those making the assignments.

I know that the Lord has orchestrated our entire adoption process and He will continue to do so. It is all in His hands. I have to believe He has a place prepared for us. And so I choose, this day, to place my trust in Him.


Niki said...

Oh goodness! praying for Wendi.

Praying for your upcoming move. I can't imagine how stressful that must be.

Amy said...

I will be praying for you, Becky. I can just imagine how this can can cause quite a bit of anxiety! I will pray that the Lord will give you peace in your heart and that your move, along with the related paper work with your home study, will be relatively uneventful and smooth. I just can't imagine what is going through your heart and mind right now. I feel anxious for you, but I know that God is so good and He will work through this perfectly!

Brooke said...

I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible and that this move is just a little tiny bump for your adoption process. It's hard enough to deal with and then throwing a move into it makes it harder. Thinking about you guys:)

Deni said...

Praying as always and KNOWING that God is in control and that He will ordain it perfectly! Also, praying peace and calm for you as you navigate this time! And I live in Texas (not really by choice) so maybe we could meet up! :)

Christy said...

I vote for Arizona!!! We may be moving there in July!!! ;) It's also causing great anxiety due to not knowing whether or not our child will be home by then. Do I stay here with the kids and Brian starts down there? Not sure what to do. Not sure about the move either - should know for sure in a couple of months. Grrr - the military is playing with my emotions! :) Praying for you! Keep us posted!

A said...

i will be praying for clarity of mind while you make your decisions :)

Alicia said...

I will be in prayer for you and yours. This seems so stressful my heart starts to beat harder thinking about it.

Like you said, God is orchestrating it all and He is totally trustworthy! You and yours are safe in His hands.