Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thank you (and a funny video)

Thank you all so much for the helpful advice! Looks like we will definitely be going with a crib. Honestly, I never felt peace about the toddler bed, which is why I posed the question. The crib feels right to me. I really appreciate all the other suggestions, they definitely gave me some other options to think about as far as other items we may or may not need. John and I are aiming to register the weekend of March 12th (the day after my last day of work!) and I am beginning to scour craigslist for deals.

I have to confess that I have never bought anything off of craigslist before. I am definitely not a "money saving mom" or in my case a money saving mom-to-be. But I aspire to be one. Feel free to leave me a comment with your best money savings tips. I will pass along one I learned about recently, though unfortunately not soon enough to score an Ergo at half off - unless I wanted a pink one, pretty sure John would never use it ;-)  (There are two "steals" every day)

Switching gears, I came across this Mompetition video last week on the Adoptive Families website and just had to share it - pretty funny and from what I hear very true!

Okay, I actually didn't care for the "dumped at the hospital by a mind-changing birthmom" comment, because 1) a woman isn't a birthmom until she places a baby for adoption, 2) a woman has every right to decide to parent her baby, and 3) I don't believe that is the primary reason most people decide to adopt internationally. On the "now that you've adopted, you're going to get pregnant" incredibly annoying comment - I have a whole post saved in my draft posts on that one!!!

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Christy said...

Thanks for sharing the website. My best advice is CRAIGSLIST - got our high chair there for this baby (got rid of our old one a while ago). Just don't use it for car seats - buy that new.
Good luck with all of your decisions! I enjoyed (most) of that video. Thanks for sharing.