Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thank You Deni!

I received these in the mail from Deni this past week. What a blessing! I love these books and I can't thank you enough Deni! I teared up reading them. They are going to be a such a great way to start talking to Joshua about adoption. The book on the bottom left is a memory book that is specific to adoption.

Deni's gift was especially meaningful because she experienced a horrible loss this summer when she and her hubby were the victims of an adoption scam. For her to take her pain and bless me through it is just amazing. But praise God, that is not the end of her story, she will be bringing Cala Fay home in July!


Amy said...

Hi Becky! I just found that adoption baby book this Friday! I was so excited about it that I bought it myself. It really is a special book. I think I might also try to look for some of those others you have...they look like nice books. Thanks for sharing!

Deni said...

Aww you're too sweet! I'm so glad that you like them! I can't wait until you get to start reading them to Joshua!

Grace said...

yup, that's the same adoption book we have! and i absolutely LOVE "god found us you" -- makes me cry every single time!