Saturday, May 7, 2011

Less Than a Month Until the Big Move (to Tucson, AZ!)

I know I put the news on Facebook, but I don't think I posted it here yet. It is official we are moving to Tucson, AZ. I wonder how long I will live there before I don't have to think about how to spell Tucson ('c' before 's'). Based on how it's pronounced, don't you think it would make sense that the 's' would go before the 'c'? So it appears that 2-4 years of good hair days are in my future.

I have mixed feelings about the move. Part of me loves the adventure and the chance to explore a new area. I feel I haven't lived where I want to live yet (if that makes any sense). So who knows maybe Arizona is the place where we would want to live, though I am pretty sure that place is Colorado even though I have never been there, or maybe Texas :-)

The other part of me is so sad to say good-bye once again. Since we lived in the DC area before we lived in FL, this is the second time we are saying good-bye to many of our friends here. But what I didn't expect with us being in this area for only 2 years was to have to say good-bye to new friends. But we will have to and though it is hard, I wouldn't want to change a thing because we have met some truly wonderful people. It is especially sad to me to be saying good-bye to the friends I have met recently who have or are adopting from Korea because of the bond we share.

It is scary to think about starting over in a completely new area. I have been to Arizona only once before (a work trip to Phoenix), so I really don't know what it's like there. John grew up in New Mexico so he has a greater familiarity with the southwest and is excited about moving back west - he is not a fan of the east coast at all. Being a bit shy and awkward socially, it is also really intimidating to me to make new friends. I find the first year at a new place is often a very lonely time. What makes this upcoming move a bit more difficult for me is that we will be going through it at such a major transition point in our lives as we become parents for the first time. Since John's last 2 years of school have been absolutely crazy and we really haven't gotten to spend much time with each other, I am really hoping we can just use the time while we don't know many people to reconnect with each other. Plus it will make "cocooning" with Joshua during our transition time much easier with less pressure to see friends and family.

There is one really bright spot for me in all this - a true "God thing." When I first posted about our move, mentioning that Arizona was a possibility, Christy left me a comment that she may also be moving to AZ. Not too long after that Grace organized a group of adoptive families (and adoptive families-to-be) to go to the Lunar New Year celebration at KUMC in Virginia. When I found out Christy was going to be there, I had this feeling that I needed to go, that she was someone I was supposed to get to know. Well fast forward till now, and guess what, Christy and I will be living only an hour from each other in AZ! An hour may sound like a lot, but after living in the DC area, I can tell you it is nothing. It takes me an hour due to traffic to meet up with Christy right now. How amazing is this: 2 women connect through blogging, both love the Lord, both live in the DC area, both are adopting from Korea, both are military spouses, and both end up moving to AZ!!!! How cool is that! To know I will have a friend nearby is such a blessing and is really helping to make this move more bearable. I love that we will be able to go to the airport for each other to celebrate our children's homecoming, set up a weekly play date, and just be there to support one another.

I do have a prayer request. We don't have the time or the finances for a house hunting trip right now, so please be praying we find a house quickly once we get out there. The new base housing is very nice, so we put an application in. We are currently #17 out of 18 on the waitlist. Not sure what are chances are of being offered a house in time so please keep us in your prayers.


thewonderfulhappens said...

I've never been there, but Tucson sounds like a nice place to live. That's awesome that you and Christy will be down there together!!!

Amy said...

That is exciting, Becky! I will be praying that you find a home quickly! I just know you will have so much fun putting together Joshua's room and "nesting" as you prepare for his arrival. I am so happy for you!

Christy said...

We were told a 6-8 month wait of on-post housing at Huachuca so that sounds out of the question for us. We're thankful for Brian's conference so it's just a plane ticket for me to go check out the area. Otherwise it wouldn't happen.

I am SO incredibly thankful for you! To have a friend, and a friend who is also adopting from Korea, moving there is making this move so much easier! Especially since I was so sad about leaving all the wonderful people who have been a support here. Can't wait to see your new place and Joshua's room all set up! Talk to you soon!

Deni said...

I'm envious already of the fabulous hair days you have ahead of you! And having moved what seems recently and horribly long ago, I'm praying specifically for you to enjoy the re-bonding with hubby time, followed by bonding as a family time, followed by a quick making of some really good friends (that last part has been slow going for me, so I'm praying hard for you!). Excited for you and ready to see Joshua at home with his mommy and daddy! Lots of love!!!

Stacey said...

Hooray for good hair! :)

I've enjoyed catching up with your blog this afternoon and reading about your trip to Turkey (especially the Tarsus part -- how cool!). It's really wonderful to see you being showered with gifts for your sweet Joshua! What sweet family and friends you have. I'm more and more giddy about him finally coming home to you guys.

Praying for you as you continue this long (but it grows shorter every day!) wait, and as you prepare to move. Thinking of you often, my friend!

Kortney said...

So I know I've already told you this, but I think Arizona is AWESOME. The weather is gorgeous 9 months out of the year and I think the people are pretty friendly. When we are back there I'd love to meet you, and we always go home now for the holidays, too. Let me know if you need any suggestions on places to go visit, etc. Although I lived in Phoenix I have been to Tucson many times.