Monday, September 5, 2011

Airplane Day

Our first night with Joshua went very well, he actually slept the whole night through. I, on the other hand, had typical new mom anxiety and had to keep checking that he was still breathing. :-)

The next morning we just hung out in our room at the guest house and played and fed Joshua until it was time to leave. Here he is playing with daddy.

Our first picture as a family of 3, taken right before we left for the airport.

Joshua was such a trooper on the plane ride home. At almost 30 pounds (yikes! and yes, my arms already hurt), he is too big for the bassinet. However, Korean Air was awesome and blocked off the middle seat for us so that we would have 3 seats in a row. Joshua played, ate, and actually slept for quite a bit of the flight. He got fussy a couple of times, but we actually didn't have the airplane meltdown I had been dreading. And in a bid for the mom of the year award, I let my less than 2 year old watch Pororo ( a popular kids cartoon in Korea) on the seat back TV, which seemed to help avert a meltdown the one time I thought one might be coming. I am pretty sure he was allowed to watch TV in Korea because he is mesmerized by it.

Here he is playing at LAX as we waited to board the flight to Tucson.

He loves this ball - we actually almost didn't bring it!

I really felt the prayers for our flight because it seriously could not have gone any better. My friend Christy and my new friend Stacey met us at the airport and took pictures. Hopefully, there will be a few good ones to share, I know I was looking pretty rough after such a long day and being sick.

Here he is in one of the first moments after being home. First I took him and showed him his room and the family room where his toys are and then I showed him his pictures, pointing to each one and saying JoonSeo, JoonSeo, ....and then back at him. He smiled and laughed each time.

 I wasn't sure about giving him a bath, but the updates we received said he loves his bath, so I figured I would give it a try - he loves taking a bath! This picture really doesn't capture just how much fun he thinks it is. Now I know why you need a high speed camera with kids. I just can't seem to take the pictures fast enough to really capture the moment and show his personality.

So that was our first day with Joshua. And it was wonderful!!!!!!!


Mrs. Mocha said...

Congratulations on your new little one. How happy you look on the pictures. Your smile is bright enough to eclipse the sun!(smile). May your days be filled with blessings GALORE!!!!

chubbymonkey said...

He is adorable and looks so happy in every picture. I am so glad the transition has been good so far. Gives us all hope that ours will be ok!

Jennifer said...

Joshua is seriously the most adorable little guy! So glad the trip home went smoothly! It sounds like you are all doing so very well. Congratulations on being home and a family of three! Enjoy every second of it...I know you will! Hugs!

Kortney said...

Keep these happy, good news posts coming! I'm so glad the transition has been going so well for you. Korean Air does sound AWESOME! Makes me think we might have to spend the extra $200/ticket to go with them versus a competitor when it is our time.

Waiting4Him said...

Oh Becky you are a mom and he looks so happy! Just contented. What a blessing! It is amazing how quickly it just fits. Ahhh I wish I could hug you!