Friday, September 9, 2011

How is Joshua doing with Annie?

In a word - obsessed! Every time he sees her his face lights up. The first time he saw her he crawled around the coffee table chasing after her. If he sees her in the living room, he will make a beeline from the family room crawling as fast as he can after her. If she is sitting on the couch (a frequent occurrence), Joshua will hold on to the couch and stand up so that he can see her and then try to touch her.

Annie, on the other hand, is a little less happy with this new situation. I am pretty sure her thought process is something like, "Guys what's going on? First you leave me with one little person for a whole week and then you come back with another little person?" If it is possible for dog to give you a look of betrayal, I am pretty sure Annie has given me one this week. Part of the problem is that "gentle" is still a concept that needs some working on with Joshua.

I think the one bright spot for Annie came when we put Joshua in the high chair to eat. I would say that at least as much food ends up on the floor as in his mouth. And Annie says, "Hey, maybe this little guy is not so bad after all..." We actually have to put Annie behind the gate otherwise Joshua will intentionally throw food down to her. And while I really believe Annie is absolutely safe with children, I don't want anyone to worry - we never leave the two of them alone.

And I promise, we do actually dress him. We are just a little low on clothes since he is already wearing size 24 month and I had mostly 18 month sized clothing. The shorts that went with this shirt are too small for him, so rather than fight to take off this shirt I just let him wear it with a diaper.


Deni said...

Oh holy monkey! Your son is soooo stinking cute and I love him after the dog! Those cheeks are to squishy and fabulous I just wanna smooch them!! I love big cheeks! I'm just so happy for y'all!!!!!

chubbymonkey said...

He is just the cutest little guy. I love his smiley face.

GrandmaDe said...

They look so cute together - Annie looks really patient - she would be OUTTA there if she wasn't at least a little bit liking Joshua. What will be really precious is when you see her seeking out where he is napping to lay down near him :)


Rachel said...

We always love to leave our little ones "with their legs out" as we call it around here :)

That is so good that Joshua is doing so well with Annie :) We have a basset hound and we really worried how Nathan would do with her when he came home...turns out they are best buds! He loves to play tug of war with her and he laughs hysterically when she gets all wound up and sprints around. We have to put her in the kitchen when we eat, too, for the same reason!

Joshua is so sweet and adorable :) It is so good to see these posts and that your waiting is finally over!

Christy said...

So cute! Joshua is ADORABLE and Annie is being so wonderful with him there! That's fantastic! Apparently Joshua spends less time torturing Annie than Ella. :)

The clothes aren't necessary - it's hot outside! I'll see what I can find that's 24 months for you. ;) It'll give me an excuse to finally tackle the baby's room which is the one room of the house that I kind of shut the door to and haven't unpacked.

So the pictures - Brian took our camera to work so I got the wires out to upload and no camera. It's high on my to do list, really!!! Hope to talk to you soon and see you when you're ready!