Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Joshua is in love with balloons right now so we got him a couple more to celebrate today.

Then we made cupcakes. He LOVES helping mommy right now.

Finished product - Toppers are a free printable from Creations by Kara

St. Patrick's Day lunch was rice with seaweed (it looks black in the photo, but it's really dark green) and green grapes on a green plate topped off with a cupcake.

Initially, I wasn't sure how I felt about celebrating this holiday with so much emphasis on it being an Irish thing. We have an Irish last name, and therefore Joshua will have an Irish last name once our adoption is finalized, but I don't want to take away anything from who he is as a Korean American. Ultimately, I decided to have fun with it and celebrate the day with things I know Joshua enjoys. I like the idea of having fun little celebrations for the various holidays throughout the year. I want to keep it simple, however, and not fall into the trap of doing things to impress others or to try to be the perfect mom.

I also love this post from Dr. Russel Moore - a great reminder that St. Patrick's Day is really about a man who told people about Jesus. Now that is worth celebrating.


Christy said...

So cute! I like taking silly holidays (or not so silly - in a way - which you pointed out - that this celebrates someone who celebrated Christ) and using them as an excuse to have fun as a family! :) Looks like a great day!

Amy said...

How fun!! Joshua looks like such a sweet boy!!!