Friday, March 16, 2012

February Recap and Pictures

February started out wonderfully with a visit from Papa and Meme but then took a turn for a worse when both Joshua and I got sick. However, we did manage to have some fun.

It snowed in Tucson on Valentine's Day! It actually made me a little sad though because it made me think of our friends in Maryland and Virginia.

We had some fun with a Valentine balloon, bought at half price the day after, since I was too sick to leave the house prior to that. Joshua loves us to karate chop it. :-)

Met up with a new friend (also adopting from Korea) at Spring Gymnastics, where they open up the gym to toddlers and let them play on their trampolines, mats, and Joshua's favorite the foam block pit below the parallel or uneven bars (not sure which).

"More, more, more" - he wants me to throw him in the pit

Following his most recent illness, our pediatric nurse practitioner put Joshua on inhaled steroids indefinitely. We do one treatment in the morning and one right before bed. To encourage his cooperation, he is allowed to watch a video during the treatments. This particular evening we were watching one of the Praise Baby DVDs. There are balloons throughout the video, so Joshua just has to go get his balloon in order to watch it. He gets quite upset if he doesn't have it with him. :-)

Joshua turned 22 months! I just took pictures of what he happened to be doing that day. Here he is playing with the green bowls in the living room, a favorite activity.

And here playing with the little ceramic bear my mom made for him.

In front of the quilt John's mom made for him. Isn't it gorgeous!

Met up with some ladies from our new church for a playdate. Here Joshua is "dancing" to a beat. He will do this anytime he hears music or some type of rhythm. His dancing is marching his feet and spinning around.

He also discovered the teeter totter.

"More, more more!"

Joshua started giving Annie her treats in the morning. As you can see, he is quite pleased with himself.

Getting down on the ground to watch Annie eat her treat is required.

I am sure we did other stuff, but if I don't have a picture then I can't remember. John always make fun of me about this because I always want to take pictures of whatever we are doing.

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Christy said...

So so cute! Love the updates. But then there's so much I think while I'm reading and looking at pictures, that I can't remember when I go to comment.
That quilt is amazing! :) Wow! Joshua is just so adorable. Ella said yesterday (when the road was closed) that she was sad b/c she didn't get to see one of the cutest boys in the world. :)