Sunday, March 25, 2012

Grandma's Quilt

My grandma, Joshua's great grandmother, died the summer after I graduated college so sadly she was never able to see any of her grandchildren get married or meet any of her great grandchildren. My grandpa died the year prior to her death. How I wish I could have known them as an adult when I would have appreciated them so much more.

My grandparents were not extravagant people or big collectors. They lived simply, loved Jesus, and prayed for their children and grandchildren daily. We do however, have a few cherished items that belonged to them. The summer grandma died, my sister was pregnant with my niece. She would have been the 1st great grandchild for my grandparents. One of the cherished items is a baby quilt made by my grandparents, apparently my grandpa would actually do a lot of the hand stitching, so naturally that item went to my sister. When I was pregnant my sister passed the quilt along to me as part of my Christmas gift. For a very long time it sat tucked away in the guest bedroom closet. It was hard for me to even look at it. One of my cousins had a baby, but at the time I had pushed those thoughts so far out of my mind (for survival) that I didn't even think about the quilt. Thankfully, by the time another cousin (his brother) was expecting, I was able to pass the quilt on to them. Their little girl is named Elise, which was the middle name we gave our baby, so that was kind of neat. Anyway, my cousin sent it back to us last summer before Joshua came home.

In August, I am going to have another niece so it is time to pass the quilt back to my sister. Truthfully, we didn't use the quilt much because it really is a baby quilt. Also, I didn't want Joshua to choose it as his blankie (with him being at that age). But it was important to me to get some pictures of Joshua with it before passing it on. I took a few pictures at the house which didn't really turn out well and then went to a park to play and have a picnic lunch. It was a fun day and a great memory.

I only wish she could have met my sweet boy.


Christy said...

Beautiful. Those pictures are fantastic keepsakes to think of your grandparents. Hugs!

Stacey said...

I love this post, Becky. It's so sweet that you got to share a part of your grandparents with your son. How very special!