Monday, August 13, 2012

One Year Ago....(on Saturday)

...our long summer of waiting came to an end. After an unprecedented 13 long weeks of waiting we had EP for Joshua!

John and I celebrated with champagne, after all it is one of the advantages of being an expectant mom via adoption. :)

Though I am not in the habit of daily journaling (I'd like to be), I did journal that day. On 8/11/2011, I wrote, "A great day today! We finally have EP for Joshua!!!!!! We waited 13 weeks. Today is also the anniversary of my unfulfilled due date - such grace that we received good news today." It was such a blessing to receive this news on a day that had been such a sad day for the previous 3 years as we remembered the baby we lost. I love when the Lord gives us these reminders that He sees us and knows just what we need. Last summer there were many times when we wondered if Joshua was ever going to get to come home; many times we wondered if we would ever get to be parents. It is hard to believe we are now coming up on one year of having him home.

There were many pictures from our trip to Korea that I never posted so I am planning on posting them as we hit the one year anniversary of each day (totally stole this idea from Grace).

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clepeau said...

Amazing-I didn't know you received the news on such a emotion filled day! I cherish gifts from God like those~a reminder that He is over our lives. :)