Monday, March 21, 2011

My To-Do List

I have a ton of plans for how I want to use this time between now and Joshua's arrival now that I am not working.

First order of business was to join a gym. I don't know if it was related to my miscarriage, and/or the accompanying grief, or my sedentary job, but I have gained about 11 pounds over the last 2 years. I found a great gym with classes I really like very close to my house. I managed to go 4 out of the five days last week, and did a video workout at home on the fifth day. I took the weekend off to let my aching muscles recover a bit, but was back at it today. I am feeling better already!

Adoption-related to-do items:
1) Home study update paperwork - done! We received notarized copies on my last day of work (so technically not on my "no longer working to-do list").
2) Care package #2 - sent off last week
3) Research nursery items and baby gear - ongoing
4) Register - John and I are going tomorrow
5) Buy items not received as gifts
6) Read a few parenting books, I have read lots of adoptive parenting books, but not general parenting books- I have read one (but that was before I stopped working)
7) Practice (re-learn) Korean language
8) Investigate travel to Korea
9) Buy gifts for Joshua's foster family, social worker in Korea, and Eastern staff

Items 5-9 may not be done until after the move.

Home/nesting projects:
1) Organize and get up to date on all our pictures - I have 2 empty scrapbooks made by my sister that just need to have the pictures inserted, a beautiful Army scrapbook that I want to make pages for to document my 6 years in the Army, and boxes (and boxes) of pictures to scan and put in albums
2) Organize recipes - every recipe I have ever received from someone or printed off the internet is in a cabinet above our stove, and it is a mess! Ideally, I would love to combine this project with menu planning, like maybe plan a month's worth of meals and then just rotate through every month. It seems like it would be one less thing to think about once Joshua is home.
3) Add my CD's to our itunes library
4) Clean out file drawers, and file the piles (or throw away!)
5) Clean out all closets and the basement
6) Frame artwork - I have several items I have been given or have purchased recently that are not framed. I try to frame my artwork (and I use the term loosely) by finding frames at thrift stores or yard sales (I found 4 frames for $10 at a thrift store last week, so this is part of the way done).

I can definitely see how fast this time is going to go by; it doesn't seem like I got anywhere near as much done as I wanted to last week. After going to the gym each morning (9:30 am class), I feel like I get a late start to my day. But I know I have to make working out a priority right now. After cleaning my house, putting the care package together, spending an afternoon with a friend who is moving to India for a year, dentist appointment, hair appointment (and a stop at the thrift store next door), researching nursery baby items, searching craigslist, dinner with a friend, and catching up with my hubby, that was pretty much my week last week. 

My craigslist searching did pan out I am happy to say - I will post my find in an upcoming post. This past weekend my stepmom was in town. On Saturday we went to the Columbia, MD Mothers of Multiples sale, where I also found some great deals (will also post them soon).

Since John is on spring break this week and I have a going away party for my friend who is going to India to help with, my only goal is to get registered before I leave for Turkey. Then when I get back, I want to tackle the picture and recipe fiasco. Then I'll move on to our files and closets, which will be good preparation for the move.

In the midst of all this, we will be moving (the military will pack us, but there is still preparation that we have to do), house and church hunting, and unpacking and setting up the new house, so this will also keep me busy. I can't wait to finally set up Joshua's room!

So this is the plan....


thewonderfulhappens said...

You have a lot to keep you busy, but it sounds fun! I'm impressed with your workouts!

Deni said...

Listen to you and all your planning! You are doing amazing! Can't wait to see all you have done!

A said...

wow, that is alot! i know you will do great at getting everything done!

Grace said...

wow! busy girl!
i hope that somewhere on that list is "hang out with grace and cb"!!! ;)

Amy said...

Sounds like you have a lot to help the time go by more quickly! You have inspired me to get busy too! :)

Christy said...

Quite the list! Which is good because you need to stay busy while waiting for Joshua to come home! Don't forget to add our get together to your list too. So we can spend some time planning our fun outings in AZ. ;)