Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flight and Meeting Time Set! Need Prayers....Updated

We have our flight booked, leaving early next week and returning next weekend. We will meet Joshua for the first time on Wednesday August 31st at 10am!!!! That is August 30th at 9pm on the east coast and 6pm here in AZ, which is exactly one year from the first time we saw his sweet face, how cool is that!!!

We have a hotel for our first 2 nights in Seoul, but are still waiting on our travel agent to find us one for our last 2. Almost everything in Seoul is booked solid right now. Please be praying he finds us a hotel room for our last 2 nights. I am not panicking yet, but I am getting close!

I also just found out that most likely my mom isn't going to be able to come and watch our dog Annie for us; her work won't give her time off. Now we need to find an alternate arrangement that will work for our highly anxious little pup. Could you also pray we find just the right place and/or person. It's also really disappointing for her and for me because now she won't get to come to the airport to at least meet Joshua. For anyone who might be curious as to why she can't come after we are home, it is because it is not recommended that you have other people around when you first bring your child home. It would be entirely too overwhelming and confusing for Joshua. He has no idea who we are or that we are his forever mommy and daddy. All he will know is that he has just lost the only family he has ever known. So until we can establish that bond with him, we won't be allowing others to visit much (if at all) and certainly we won't be allowing anyone else to hold him or meet his needs. I hope this doesn't sound harsh, but we have to do what is best for Joshua.

Thank you all for celebrating with us in your comments on my last post! I also really appreciate your prayers.

Update: A doctor at John's work has offered to watch Annie for us. Praise God!!! And we were able to get into the guest house for our last 2 nights! Prior to finding that out we were able to get a reservation at the military MWR hotel (Dragon Hill Lodge), but we are going to cancel it and stay at the guest house.


Niki said...

So, so excited for you!!

Deni said...

Prayers lifted for all of these things. Sad that you can't have family around when he first gets home, but that bonding time is so very important and that makes complete sense to me! Praying for an option for pet care, having 4 dogs, I completely sympathize. My in-laws were not any help with our animals. Have you looked up at home pet sitters? There is one here that will come to your house 4 times a day to walk/feed/play with your pet. Just a thought. I know that is expensive too!

Holy cow you get to meet your SON!!!! I'm so thrilled for you!!!!

thewonderfulhappens said...

I'm so glad you found someone to keep your dog. I know how those little details can really stress you out. Now for the hotel!!

I am so excited for you!!!

Flakymn said...

So glad you gound somewhere for Annie. I know that is very important. I was sitting here thinking, "Annie is like the easiest dog in the world -- surely someone can let them sit on their chair for a week!"

Christy said...

So glad you have someone to watch Annie! What a relief. So sorry your Mom can't make it out. :( Praying for your trip! So excited for you!

Kate Shin said...

I am so proud of you , Becky and John..
You taught me how to be patient and obey to our father's voice when we have challenge in our lives....

I am so happy and thankful to God for everything ..

I want to go up to mountain and shout!!!!!!
I am so so so Happy!!!!!!!!