Thursday, July 12, 2012

Care Packages

I know other adoptive families are always looking for ideas of what to put in a care package so I wanted to do a post on what we have sent so far.

We have already sent Jonah three care packages and we are not even half way through our wait. This was how many we sent Joshua in total. At that time, we were only allowed to send 2 care packages during the entire wait so I had to space them out and try to time the second one for his 1st birthday. Then our agency changed the rules as the wait continued to increase and allowed families to send more packages so I was able to send Joshua a third package prior to the submission of our paperwork. As it turned out, we could have sent more since we got caught in that unprecedented 13 week wait for EP approval last summer.

But anyway, here is a look back at what we sent Joshua for care packages one, two, and three.

And here our Jonah's first three care packages. Our new agency allows us to send a package every time a family travels. I am working on a few remaining items for care package #4 which will be brought over next week by a friend I met through blogging. I ended up sending Jonah many of the same items as Joshua because we bought duplicates of a few items for Joshua's packages that we didn't end up needing.

 I couldn't fit the blanket in this one, so I ended up saving it for the second package. The "Lil' Bro" onesy is the match to the shirt Joshua was wearing when we made the announcement about Jonah. We put that same picture of Joshua in the photo album.

 We sent Joshua this same recordable book, but this time we found this translation on the Holt adoption forum.

A little liberty was taken with this last part of the translation. Where it says, "I love you round and round the world," it was translated to say, "Even though we're on opposite sides of the world, we love you." I am so thankful to Family Yapsalot for sharing this translation - what a blessing!

This was Jonah's 1st birthday care package. I wanted to put in one of those full size Sophie the giraffe teethers, but space wouldn't allow it.

I was in a hurry to get the package sent off so I didn't have time to get the card translated like I did for Joshua. Hopefully, they can still read my really bad Hangul writing. Pretty sure I have the Hangul writing skills of a first grader, if that! :-)

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