Wednesday, November 12, 2008

IVF update and a few prayer requests

I had hoped to post prayer requests yesterday, but I ended up having a fairly busy day - shopping, lunch with a friend and small group last night. I went to Gulf Breeze this morning for another US and more b/w. Things are progressing, but slowly. At this point, I think it is unlikely that I will be going in for retrieval on Monday the 17th. My E2 is only up to 198 and my follicles have grown, but only a little. They have doubled my medicine so hopefully things will begin to move along. I am not really concerned about the progress anymore or feeling discouraged as I was the other day. I have that feeling that I am being bathed in prayer and God has given me His peace about everything. I am so thankful for the many people who have told me they are praying for me. If anyone is wondering if we need anything or how they can help, please pray, that is what we need the most. Cards, emails, or notes of encouragement are also appreciated, but mostly we need your prayers.

A couple of praises and thanksgiving:
1) J was diagnosed with shingles about a week and a half ago. We had asked our small group and one other person to pray about this. Last night when I talked to J, he said he is feeling almost completely better, only minor pain in one lymph node. Shingles can take a very long time to heal and be extremely painful, so I am so thankful that God brought about such a miraculously fast recovery, especially with everything else we have going on.
2) The price of gas!!! Under $2.00 a gallon. If there was ever a time I was thankful for low gas prices it is now with all the driving I am doing.

I will do a post that lists all the requests for this IVF cycle soon. For now I will just list the ones that are applicable to this point in the cycle:
1) Pray that I would continue to trust God, fix my eyes upon Christ, and take one day at a time
2) Freedom from worry or anxiety, that I would continue to have God's peace

Up to 25% of cycles are canceled prior to retrieval due to inadequate follicle development or hormonal levels, premature LH surge, or excessive response.
3) Pray that my follicles would reach the necessary level of maturity and that they would do so at an equal rate, and that I would produce adequate hormone levels
4) Pray that I would not have a premature LH surge
5) Pray that I would not have an excessive response - ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

Thank you for praying, I wait in expectation of what God will do.

"In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation." Psalm 5:3

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