Friday, November 14, 2008

IVF update

Today I had another US and more b/w. Progress!!! Estrogen is up to 448. My largest follicle is about 15mm and there are 3 more around 14mm. All the others are less than 11, so please keep praying for these little guys. I will now start adding in 2 other medications which means I will have at least one more injection each day. The injections really don't bother me though. Getting my blood drawn has never really bothered me either, until day. The lovely elderly lady who normally draws my blood was trying not to stick me in the exact same place as previous times, so she went a little higher. Well, that didn't work so well, it was a complete miss. She then had to move the needle around to try to find the vein. Then the nurse tried. They think it may have collapsed. I hope it can "un-collapse" since this was my one good vein, the one that never lets me down. Anyway they tried the other arm, but since I already had a hematoma where they would normally draw blood (from a previous blood draw), they used a vein in my bicep. Then there was more moving the needle around as the blood started and stopped flowing into the tubes several times. Hopefully, my veins will heal up by Sunday when I go to Mobile for my next US and b/w. It's looking like retrieval could happen on Wednesday. Prayer requests are basically the same as this past Wednesday, but I would add this praise - today, the doctor's office gave me a little over $900.00 worth of medication for free. From what I understand, when ladies have leftover medication they will donate it to the doctor's office for them to give out (they aren't aloud to sell it). I was almost out of my medication and what they gave should last me through this cycle.

In other news, J is back!!! He went to the conference to present research he had worked on for the past year and a half at one of the conference poster sessions. I am so proud of him, he worked really hard on this project. I am definitely glad he was able to do this, but I think I am even more glad to have him home.


Chrissy said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. This is all so interesting to me. I had no idea the intensity of IVF. How exciting how God is working in your life through all of this. I will keep praying for you.

Flakymn said...

First of all, your e. count sounds great! And so does you follicle count. Those 11's will be right there when it is time. I have no doubt about that! 448 sounds perfect and a Wednesday harvest is looking great. How awesome!

Secondly, that is soooo awesome the doctor's office did that. Our's wouldn't do it but we had a little "network" and would try to pass it around between us. When one shot costs like $150 bucks, it's worth sharing it!

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful about the free meds!!! I hope your vein is better soon.