Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!! (Updated)

As I look back over this past year, I find many things I am thankful for:
  1. First and foremost: My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  2. A wonderful, loving husband who also knows the Lord - my heart aches for so many women I know whose husbands are not believers
  3. Family and the many new friends we have met this past year - our first year here in Florida was a pretty lonely one
  4. A church family and especially the small group at FUMC Niceville that we became apart of this year
  5. Being able to serve God with my hubby in a local ministry that feeds the poor and as small group facilitators - I had prayed for J and I to be able to serve God together for a couple of years - God brought it about this past year
  6. Serving in BSF and Alpha course - God used these to show me His plans were so much better than my own. He taught me more about His sovereignty, His provision - He knows what my greatest need truly is and He will always meet it, and about surrendering to His will.
  7. What God has taught me through infertility (though I hope it will end soon) - I am thankful because I have drawn closer to God and my husband through it and because God has used it to teach me so much about who He is through this experience. Sometimes I wish He would have chosen another way to teach me these things, but He knows I would not have learned them any other way. He knew I needed a deeper understanding of His grace and forgiveness. He knew I needed to give up control of my life, my plans, and my will. Oswald Chambers said that everyone has their own personal Gethsemane, I think infertility has been mine. He knew I needed to trust Him and to know that He is trustworthy. I needed to know that God is Good and that His love for me is unfailing. And now I do know these things.

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