Friday, October 21, 2011

First Family Outing

We have been staying very close to home since Joshua's homecoming due to the anxiety he was having in new situations. We went a few places our first couple of weeks, but they were basically places we had to go like to the doctor. Then I literally didn't go anywhere for at least a week, which really seemed to help him begin to feel more secure. After that I began to take him to the store and even took him to a lunch celebration in our honor at John's work. I kept him in the carrier the whole time and he seems to be handling these outings just fine. We did go on a drive up to the mountains just to get out of the house one weekend and we go to church on Sundays, but other than that we have been staying home. Even for an extremely introverted homebody like me, it was too much. I was going stir crazy. So we finally had a family outing the second weekend in October. We went up to the mountains to the north of Tucson to see some of the leaves changing color. We took a walk and then had lunch at restaurant in Mt. Lemon. It was so good for my spirit to get out and enjoy time as a family. It was really the first time doing something as a family like I had always dreamed about. Plus I love the mountains. It is actually cold up there, which I also love. So far to me they are Tucson's one saving grace, otherwise I really don't like it here yet (hoping that will change).

I love that his joyful personality is showing in these pictures at the restaurant! We had so much fun.

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Lisa said...

These pictures and your family outing make me smile!!!!