Thursday, October 13, 2011

Taking a Ride

The mark on his arm is from his PPD test.

Doing his favorite thing - pushing buttons to make it play music!

 One of my favorite pictures of him!

 These pictures are from September 12-29th. Joshua is now able to use the walk feature of the cars and walk across the room while holding on to the back. The school bus car is actually his favorite - thank you Wendi! I don't have as many pictures with it because we actually took away half of his toys that light up and play songs (as well as a few others) to see if it would help calm him down. He has it back now, which makes him very happy!


Kortney said...

I that middle photo of J. Oh, Jon and I got C that same astronaut tee at Target. :)

Surely said...

what a fun sequence of pics! he loves his toys! =) I like the little "doll" house in the 4th photo. hee hee!