Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Pictures

We took a trip to a local farm to pick a pumpkin a couple of weekends ago. Joshua continues to experience anxiety in any new situation and that day it was especially apparent so we didn't stay long at all. We are trying to do little things here and there, but it is often too much for him so most days he and I stay home. Plus it was 100 degrees! I still don't like you Arizona!!!!

Our attempt at a quick family photo before we left - we have yet to get a good family photo.

Joshua liked the pumpkin much better at home where he is comfortable. I took these this past weekend. I love his shirt!

And later that day carving the pumpkin with daddy:


Christy said...

So cute! Wow Tucson is hot! We went to Costco this weekend and couldn't believe it was 98!

I love the pictures! He is adorable. Hope you're enjoying fall! :) Glad to hear he's doing pretty well. I'm sure over time he'll become more and more comfortable being out and about. Praying for the 3 of you!

Sandra said...

He is SO CUTE!!! 100 degrees? Holy cow! I didn't even know pumpkins grew in that kind of heat.

And I remember staying home for 3 months because everything was just too much for Ben. This too shall pass...

Joia said...

LOVE these pictures! What an adorable family you are!